She’s one of the most determined women we’ve ever met and is ready for anything life throws at her. If she isn’t running through the streets of Toronto, she’s doing yoga, taking a spinning class or she’s rock climbing. She is a 29 year-old health enthusiast, Reebok Ambassador and she’ll kick your ass in a 42 km run! Her name is Filsan Abdiaman.

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Filsan started her fitness journey almost 5 years ago after going through a bad break up which led to depression and reoccurring anxiety attacks. Even though fitness was never really something she enjoyed, she knew she had to make a lifestyle change when her doctor told her she was borderline diabetic. She decided to start with a personal trainer to get herself back on track and around this time, she discovered her love for running.

She teamed up with our founder, Peyman a.k.a Uncle Fitness (@Peyman1b on Instagram) to train together. They were both able to find a common activity that was enjoyable in which allowed them to work together towards a common goal, being a healthy lifestyle. She definitely kicked Peymans butt!

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Filsan is a workaholic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – she just absolutely loves her job! She shares her biggest challenge in which is finding time to relax and have DzFilsan-timedz, which usually entails catching up with family and friends or journaling. She manages this challenge by organizing her schedule a month in advance so she has time to accomplish everything she needs to, as well as finding down time.

Even though Filsan has been through many hardships, she has come outon top becoming a successful personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness as well as a massive role model for many women as a Reebok Ambassador. She makes habit of setting realistic and achievable goals in order to see results and she wouldn’t change a damn thing about her past for the admiring reason that it made her into an even stronger woman than she was before.

Filsan is her own inspiration, and that’s what everyone should strive for!

“Teaching myself to be my biggest supporter has gotten me very far in life.”

Watch out for the next Reebok billboard in Toronto, you’ll never know where you’ll see Filsan next!

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