Hello fitness family!

Meet David Kim-MacKinnon,

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He is a 28-year-old Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor in downtown Toronto. If he isn’t working, he’s reading romance novels and taking long romantic strolls on the beach. Sounds like an ideal bachelor!

David's fitness journey started back in high school about 10 years ago when he took up boxing as a way to develop self-confidence and learn to defend himself from other kids at school. Though since then he has become a motivated individual, he is never truly satisfied with his success ... but who is! Knowing that there are more well rounded athletes pushes him to stay on his 'grind' and compels him to push his personal limits and goals.

As a fitness professional himself, David's greatest strength is his ability to be coached. Though he is a Personal Trainer, he is able to understand both perspectives of being a trainer and trainee. This characteristic that he carries allows for him to better himself as a coach as well as being able to keep up with new research in order to train his clients as effectively as possible.

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David feels that as an entrepreneur, his job is never really done. During his 'off' hours, he's constantly building his businesses social media channels, preparing for tomorrow's client and doing research to stay on top of emerging fitness trends and findings. Though he seems to be constantly ahead of the game, his biggest enemy is time. He feels there isn't enough in one day to accomplish everything he wants to get done, but one task at a time with full attention allows him to feel confident in his work. Another challenge David faces is diet! Though for a while he was considered skinny and lanky, he is really just a Dzfat kid at heartdz who has an insatiable appetite for candy and fried chicken ... who doesn't love a sweet and greasy cheat day! In order to fight his daily urges he actively uses a reward system in which he has to earn what he eats. For example, if he wants to have a bucket of spicy cajun chicken from Popeye's he better run at least 10 miles and perform 1000 burpees to earn it! No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts'!

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David says his biggest accomplishment thus far in life was making the bold jump from employee to self-employed. This path has led him to endless happiness being surrounded by like-minded individuals and pursuing his passion in which he encourages everyone to follow.

David's advice to our readers is to:

“STAY CONSISTENT! Simple as it may be, it’s often the missing ingredient to long-term and long lasting change in life.”

Keep up the positivity David, it was a pleasure working out with you!

The ACTiVUS Team

We new friends!