At the ripe age of 23, Nyo Mudzingwa has a flaring passion for creativity and all things fitness. As a result, he challenges his ingenuity everyday through his work as a personal trainer and photographer. When he’s not scoping out the trendiest rooftops for that killer skyline, angling the perfect subject for portrait photography or catching up on some good reads, you’ll find him shredding it in the gym. Whether it’s the meditative state that comes along with running; his competitive past in swimming or bodybuilding to get those leaner meaner muscles, Nyo really does it all!

He started his fitness journey when he was a mere 13 years old. He knew the importance that fitness played and knew he wanted to get bigger and gain muscle. It also helped that he was trying to impress the prettiest girl in his homeroom class. Since then, Nyo has grown to be a leader in the fitness community.

Nyo has never been one to set specific health goals on the regular, as he is consistently researching different approaches to health and fitness. When he finds something worthy enough or at least something that’s worth a try, he’ll give it a shot and apply it to his real life. "It’s all an experiment" he says. So, it’s a good thing his greatest strength is his ability to just chill out and set anxiety aside. It allows him to think clearly and make the best decisions for himself and his body. Yet, procrastination is Nyo’s kryptonite when it comes to work (work and procrastination just seem to go hand in hand). However, once the job is started the ball just keeps rolling and there is no stopping him.

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Nyo is always motivated to build on his best self and his body, but the people who have joined his journey as supporters and have then started their own journey are just as motivational. Above all, it’s the people that surround him that keep him going. He’s learned that the hardest questions are best answered internally and trusting your gut is a skill that develops over time. As for his biggest accomplishment, he’s not too sure, but he knows he’s always topping his last goal and that’s an accomplishment in itself. His motto?

“Don’t worry about things too much!”

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