She is highly energetic, determined for any challenges and inspired by life. She’s a Lole Ambassador at team Bayview and Sport Check Ambassador at Sherway Gardens. She is 25 years old and her name is Jessica Ciampini.

Jessica is “Jane of All Trades” since she is a business owner of JC Fitness located in Markham, a coach, a Kinesologist and considers herself a student of life … Just an overall rad chick!

One of Jessica’s hobbies is reading. She thrives off going to Chapters or Indigo to pick up books. She reads a new book every 12 days! Jessica also enjoys spending time with her dog Atlas, and cat Isiah, they keep her hands full. She enjoys spending time with her family visiting on weekends when she can, “nothing beats good ‘old family time” Jessica says. Aside from the gym being her natural habitat, traveling and hiking are a few of Jessica’s favorite hobbies. Her favorite place to visit is California, San Diego, where she can also visit her favorite vegan spots, mountains and get together with her friends!

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Jessica fitness journey truly began in 2010 when she completed her first half marathon, which progressed to completing her first full marathon for charities such as, Terry Fox Run. She was instantly hooked and spent her money on Wal-Mart DVDs and played them in her parent’s living room while awkwardly performing the exercises. Jessica began signing up for obstacles races such as: Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder. Then, she noticed her potential and everyone around her including her family supported her along the way. She always finished each DVD work out, race, game or marathon with a feeling of accomplishment and conquering the struggles along the way was the best feeling, even when they lead to some serious injuries. This was the year Jessica told herself that she will never look back to her bad habits and didn’t want to be the other person in the family with health conditions.

Jessica continued training and had the mindset as an athlete, she made major changes where needed, and with the influence of friends she made adjustments to obtain her goal in her lifestyle change. Throughout the years Jessica has played rugby and competitive squash and had the honor to train for WBFF Worlds. Her main reason and purpose that drives Jessica which she believes, “this is the fire in her that sparks”.

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In 2013 Jessica was diagnosed with depression, ending an abusive relationship, running away from home at age 20, being exposed with many harmful experiences and was rushed to the hospital and suffered from a health condition that was being neglected. Her life improved forever after hearing disturbing words from the doctor: “It’s a life or death situation”. Finally, Jessica was grateful to be back home after a week with loving friends and support. She realized she strengths and enabled her to make an impact while treating myself better and attracting with the people in my life for the long haul Jessica believes that we are all equal, and giving support to someone will give you intangible gifts in return. She is honored to help and inspire people each and every day, sharing her knowledge and always being authentic!

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Jessica’s biggest accomplishment by far is starting up her own business at 25. Quitting her job as an elementary school teacher without a set plan. It was that fire that sparked her and made her do it. She looks forward to many more amazing things to come.

Jessica’s advice to many people is the same advice her father always told her growing up:

“Don’t worry be happy!”

Happiness is indeed the key to success, so we encourage everyone to follow their dreams and let their happiness soar freely!

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